An IPO is Like Having a Second Business and Tycon Partners Acts as Your Project Manager

The Tycon Table™ of Resources

Core Competent IPO Professionals to Help with Raising Growth Capital

The Planning Process

Tycon Partners acts as your Project Manager for your IPO and provides expert resources.
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Implementation of an Initial Public Offering for Raising Capital.


Stage 1 – Preparation for Raising Capital


Tycon Partners will assist with project plan, valuation, cap table, corporate structuring, registration drafting, IPO marketing materials, and coordination of all core competent professionals.

the ipo process

Stage 2 – Filing with the SEC


Tycon Partners will assist with all filings, financials, investor reports, investor presentations, marketing plan, press releases and documentation.

Stage 3 – Marketing IPO Strategy

Tycon Partners will assist with presentations, video, and strategies, to publicize the IPO.

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tycon partners ipo support assistance

Stage 4 – Conducting the Offering


Tycon Partners will assist with coordinating the Underwriter(s), market makers, road shows and the start of stock trading.

Stage 5 – Bell Ringing & Start of Trading

Tycon Partners will assist with the Bell Ringing Ceremony and the start of trading.

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how to get listed on nasdaq nyse ipo initial public offering

Stage 6 – Public Market Support


Tycon Partners will assist your company with public market support that includes ongoing SEC reporting, a PR / IR Plan to increase shareholder value by keeping your company in view of investors and Wall Street Analysts through conventional media, social media, investor events, road shows and annual meetings.

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