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The road to the NYSE or Nasdaq with a Reg A+ Offering or IPO starts here.

Tycon Partners specialize in Reg A+ Offering and IPO assistance, with expertise. Private companies can gain access to general public growth capital and funds. Executing a Reg A+ Offering allows companies to raise up to $50 million while going public. This can be completed in every 12 month period, while operating your business.


Tycon Partners has over 70 years of business, financial, and Fortune 50 experience.

Tycon Partners provides a Reg A+ or IPO process, and it’s turn-key. All while providing companies with the necessary resources including core competent professionals.

Companies can gain access to Regulation A+ & IPO advice and consulting. Tycon Partner’s areas of expertise include:

  • corporate structure and planning
  • corporate financial and planning
  • branding and marketing
  • business development and sales

How does a Reg+ Offering or IPO work?

Through a Reg A+ offering, a qualified U.S. or Canadian company gains the opportunity to:

Raise up to $50 million using a “public solicitation” of shares.

Raise up to $50 million in a 12-month period. Companies can raise funds using a “public solicitation” of shares. All while qualifying for exempt offerings.  SEC and state securities law registration both qualify for exemptions.

Test the waters while confidentially submitting.

Confidentially submit its offering memorandum to the SEC, while enjoying the opportunity to “test the waters”. This can be done before pursuing a mini-IPO.

Streamlined and expedited review process.

Enjoy a streamlined and expedited review process. This is where the company is required to make its offering memorandum public. The review process must be completed just 21 days before SEC qualification.  And it must be completed before roadshows begin.

Combine public funding with private funds.

Combine public funding (through Reg A+) with private funds from venture capitalists and create a larger round of fundraising.


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Tycon Partners helps transform businesses while preparing for growth. They are qualified Reg A+ experts with proven results. They can provide you with the information that you need. And they help you learn your next steps towards a Regulation A+ offering, while accessing growth capital.

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