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What is an Initial Public Offering “IPO”?

An initial public offering, or IPO, is the very first sale of stock issued by a company to the public. Prior to an IPO the company is considered private, with a relatively small number of shareholders made up primarily of early investors (such as the founders, their families and friends) and professional investors (such as venture capitalists or angel investors). The public, on the other hand, consists of everybody else – any individual or institutional investor who wasn’t involved in the early days of the company and who is interested in buying shares of the company. Until a company’s stock is offered for sale to the public, the public is unable to invest in it. You can potentially approach the owners of a private company about investing, but they’re not obligated to sell you anything. Public companies, on the other hand, have sold at least a portion of their shares to the public to be traded on a stock exchange. This is why an IPO is also referred to as “going public.”

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What is a Regulation A+ Offering?

A Regulation A+ Offering provides your private company with access to general public growth capital. Funds are acquired from a wide variety of investors including the non-accredited investors consisting 98% of the investor community. As a groundbreaking regulation of Title IV of the JOBS Act, a Reg A+ Offering allows your company to raise up to $50 million an list publicly on Nasdaq, NYSE or OTC. An existing OTC company can up list onto Nasdaq or NYSE with a Reg A+ Offering.

Is Regulation A+ Available to Public Companies?

Reg A+ is now available to reporting public companies because on May 24, 2018, President Trump signed the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief and Consumer Protection ACT. Section 508, “Improving Access to Capital” which now allows reporting public companies to raise up to $50MM from the general public under Regulation A+ and you are exempt from Blue Sky State filings.

This could provide a public OTC listed company with an up list to Nasdaq or the NYSE.

Why Choose Tycon Partners?

Tycon Partners are experienced IPO experts providing a turn-key process and Project Management for the whole process. By providing access to core competent IPO professionals, Tycon Partners paves a clear pathway to listing on Nasdaq, NYSE or the OTC. Tycon has experience with helping existing OTC companies up list to Nasdaq or the NYSE with a Public Offering.


Tycon Partners can help you reach your growth objectives with a Reg A+ Offering or IPO.


Get Listed on the Nasdaq or NYSE

Raise growth capital and trade on a premier exchange with a Reg A+ Offering or IPO.

Why choose Reg A+ or an IPO?

The Advantages of a Reg A+ or IPO

Advantages of Reg A+ / IPO

Advantages of Reg A+

Founders keep control

All investors can participate

Founders can sell some shares

Founders choose who is on board

Higher public company valuation

Less dilution

Public stock to use as capital

You can use public stock to do acquisitions

You can create an employee stock plan option

Short time frame for liquidity

Company sets up minimum and maximum investments

Raise up to $50 million every 12 months

Disadvantages of VC. Private Equity, or Private Placement

Disadvantages of VC. Private Equity, or Private Placement

Founders may lose control

Accredited investors only

Founders cannot sell shares

Founders may give up board seats

Lower private company valuation

More dilution

No public stock to use as capital

No public stock to do acquisitions

No public stock options

Longer timeframe for minimum investment

Requires several rounds of funding


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The Reg A+ or IPO Pathway

to getting listed on the Nasdaq or NYSE

The Tycon Table™ of Resources

Core Competent Reg A+ & IPO Professionals

The Reg A+ / IPO Process

Tycon Partners consults, oversees, and assists the Reg A+ / IPO process with expert resources and specialists.
reg a audit

Implementation of a Reg A+ Offering through Title IV of the JOBS Act or an Initial Public Offering.


Stage 1 – Preparation


Tycon Partners will assist with valuation, cap table, corporate structuring, registration drafting, Reg A+ Offering or IPO marketing, and coordination of all core competent professionals.

regulation a+ funding

Stage 2 – Filing with the SEC


Tycon Partners will assist with all filings, investor reports, investor presentations, and documentation.

Stage 3 – Marketing Strategy For Reg A+ Offering or IPO

Tycon Partners will assist with presentations, video, and strategies, to publicize the Reg A+ Offering or IPO.

get listed on nasdaq or nyse
tycon partners regulation a support assistance

Stage 4 – Conducting the Offering


Once the Reg A+ Offering is qualified by the SEC or the IPO is ready for roadshows, Tycon Partners will assist with coordinating the marketing and market makers.

Stage 5 – Start of Trading & Bell Ringing

Tycon Partners will assist with the opening pricing, the start of trading and Bell Ringing Ceremony.

how to get listed on nasdaq nyse ipo initial public offering

Stage 6 – Public Market Support


After listing on an exchange, Tycon Partners will assist your company with public market support that includes ongoing SEC reporting, a PR / IR Plan to increase shareholder value by keeping your company in view of investors and Wall Street Analysts through RoadShows, conventional and social media.

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